• Congratulations to Renate for receiving PhD degree!

    Renate has successfully defended her PhD thesis! During doctoral studies she has been working on development of fluoromethylene transfer reagents and methodologies to access novel monofluorinated molecules. Congratulations and warmest regards from Veliks group!

  • Congratulations to Renate for her paper in OL!

    Read our latest work in OL: Synthetic Access to Fluorocyclopropylidenes

    Efficient reagent and methodology reported to access rare monofluorinated building-blocks - fluorocyclopropylidenes.

  • Arturs has received Young Researchers Award 2023 of Latvian Academy of Sciences!

    Congratulations to Arturs for receiving Young Researchers Award 2023 of Latvian Academy of Sciences on his work on Iron Catalyzed Fluoromethylene Transfer.

    Check out his ineterview on Latvian 1st Channel:

  • Prime minister visits LIOS

    Presenting infrastructure available at our group to Latvian prime minister Mr. K. Kariņš.

  • Congratulations to Ram for his paper in ACIE!

    Read our latest work in ACIE: Merging Copper(I) Photoredox Catalysis and Iodine(III) Chemistry for the Oxy-monofluoromethylation of Alkenes

    [Bis(monofluoroacetoxy)iodo]benzene- a new reagent for radical monofluoromethylation under visible-light copper(I) photoredox catalysis.


  • Organic Synthesis Laboratory - New reasearch group at LIOS

    We are glad to announce that Organic Synthesis Laboratory at LIOS starts working from 1st of October

  • Arturs won the best poster award of 12th Paul Walden Symposium

    Arturs Sperga has participated in 12th Paul Walden Symposium on organic chemistry on 28-29th of October.
    He won the award for the best poste for master degree students. Congratulations!